Cooking is my passion. Eating is the most important and appreciating thing for me.

I love the process of cooking, creating a new recipe, learning new recipe, decorating, the moment of right before eating and the time to eat.

So I feel food is like an art.


I am hoping to eat food that is friendly to animals and the earth, and become more peaceful.

I believe the world will be more peaceful if each of us finds peace in our heart.

“You are what you eat” Let’s eat healthy and happily.

Michiko < Naoko's Antie>

Love to find a path that brings us joy and happiness.

Whether you are good at it or not, for me eating, chatting with someone, and making handmade small stuff are something you create by taking your time and something you cannot find in other places.

It is a very precious time when your heart opens and becomes warm.

Other than String Art Mandala making if you are interested, I can also show you how to make chopstick stand by using washi, or traditional Japanese paper and DIY bath bombs.

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