You are What You Eat

Let's eat well, eat happily and

What's Macrobiotic?

Macrobiotic is a way of thinking, a way of living and a way of taking care of ourselves. You are what you eat. Everything surrounds you becomes part of you, the air, water, plants, the sun and the moon. Eating in harmony bring us harmony.

What's yin-yang and five elements theories?

An old Theory that ancient Chinese people used to understand and explain the universe never stops and changes all the time. It is a way of thinking, continuous patterns of energy, and the way how we live. Each element have relationship with nature and our body.

Are Macrbiotic and yin-yang and five elements theories the same?

Yes and no. There are so many similarities but sometimes these two theories can have opposite opinions. We believe there is no right method or right way. Learning different perspectives always stimulate us and bring us more option to choose. We can enjoy our process to choose and can find our best.

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