Crystal Ball Meditation

We became busier and busier nowadays and we rarely have a time for ourselves.

Through meditation you can cleanse and refresh yourself, find what you want to do and focus on what you are doing.

Getting away from electricity, forget about the future and the past, and have a time to connect to yourself and your body will help us to present now.

one day workshop 10:30 – 15:00 (16:30 close) 5000yen

(vegan lunch is included )

one hour meditation 2000yen


Sometimes it is difficult for us to see ourselves even if we know we should be doing.

I hope my healing session will help you to be able to talk to yourself easier.

My healing session will be a help to your mind and you will be the one who will talk to your body and heal yourself.

If you have a backache and want me to do something will not going to work very well but if you have a backache and want to face to it but too scared will work better.

I do pet healing too but I do not do remote healing.

one to two hours 10000 yen

 ( Pet Healing 5000円 〜 donation )

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